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Friday, March 6, 2009

Advanced landscape class

I have decided to let the girls vote on one of two wall hangings for the second tutorial in the landscape classes. I am going to let them vote on 'Winter Scene' or "Flower Garden'

I am just binding them right now. They are quite different from each other and I thought it would be fun if the girls could vote on which one they would like to do.
I don't have much going on aside from doing the bindings (NOT my favorite job- and therefore I put them off - I have 4 wall hangings to do and will be glad when I get them done. I love making the scenes but the finishing is not fun! (although I know it is necessary) I have also started making bags to hold the finished landscapes, with the
name on the bag - it keeps them dust free and they are easy to store until they find their home. I don't know why I didn't think of it ages ago. They are a much nicer package done that way - It is a great way to use up fabric that I don't ordinarily use for my wall hangings.

I have decided to do a small wall hanging - 12" x 13.5 - as I have some pieces of timtex that size and I think it would be fun to do a mountain scene, and a floral wall hanging on the timtex. I will let you see what occurs when I start one of them.

Well, I don't have much news today - I will hopefully have more to post once I finish the darned bindings! Shirley


Sue said...

Thanks for posting to my guest blog on Quilting Gallery. Your work is stunning! I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your beautiful quilts. You are a master at thread art!

Sue said...

Hi, Shirley. Thanks for posting on my guest blog on Quilting Gallery. I enjoyed looking at your blog- your work is gorgeous! You are the queen of thread art!

Shirley said...

You are very welcome. I really liked your blog. Nice to meet you! Shirley