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Monday, March 9, 2009

This and That

I just put a new header photo on my blog- it is one of my first wall hangings, and was the
example for a lot of my landscape classes a few years ago. I can see myself that my technique has changed but I have always liked this one.

I am preparing my class for my Athabasca class and nearly have everything ready to go for the April classes. I am really looking forward to teaching this class and also having a good visit with Debbie who is my dear friend and moved up there last year from Calgary.

I have managed to finish 2 bindings and am working on another one so soon I will have the backlog finished. I have decided to do a tutorial on this blog of one of my wall hangings that I finished last year, called Poppies and Wildflowers. I saw a photo in the paper and loved the scene - It is an unusual scene for me - but I enjoyed doing it.
I have sent out the emails with the tutorials for the simple landscape class and am looking forward to seeing what the girls do with this class. There were a large number of students in this class (over l00) so hopefully quite a few will be completed.
It is another bitter cold day here in Calgary. I don't remember seeing another winter like this one since the 70's -- I understand the Richardson ground squirrels (gophers) are all over the place and some of the eagles on their way north are here, so that is a definite sign of spring.

Anyway, I will start the tutorial in a few minutes . Shirley

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Susan Loftin said...

I love that wallhanging!
I've nominated you for a "Kreativ Blogger Award". Stop by my blog for details. Thanks for all the work you put into teaching others fiber arts.