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Friday, March 13, 2009

Trip to Canmore

My husband and I took a trip up to Canmore (near Banff) in the rockies, as I wanted to get some photos of the snow on the foothills. I am glad we went when we did as it sounds as if it is getting warmer and there was much less snow than I expected. I take so many pictures, but don't have many for this time of year, while the snow is on the ground and the rockies have snow on them. We had a lovely drive- We also went to Tim Hortons' for a muffin and donut (for dh) and their great coffee. I then went to the Sugar Pine quilt shoppe which is my favorite place to get fabrics for my wall hangings. They have hundreds of fq's in every type of fabric imaginable. I always pick up some batiks in all different shades as I use them all the time. I thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures I took today. I also took a lot of pictures of the forest as I want to do a
forest scene with trees from this part of the world. Most of the pictures are quite grey as it was a dull day, but as we got near to home we visited Bowness Park and the sun was out - what a difference. I hope you enjoy some of my photos. I am going to do some Scenes from these. Aren't the ditigal cameras wonderful? I love it that I can take so many and crop them or delete the ones I don't think I will use.

We also stopped at the Art Gallery where the local Guild had some art quilts on show. It
is so different than a few years ago- art quilts are 'in' now and there was a wonderful variety of abstract as well as very realistic scenes. We both enjoyed it immensely.

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