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Monday, March 9, 2009

TUTORIAL #1 Poppies and wildflowers

Here is a picture of the photo I saw in our local paper. I loved it and decided to try to make it. I chose three fabrics ; light blue, medium green and darker green. I then cut some hills out for the background with a medium mottled green in the back, and a yellow green for the shrubs or hills in front. I then attached them with a matching green thread and thread painted some trees on the hills.Most of this will disappear once the wild flowers are thread painted. I then took some yellow green and cut them into shrubs and then cut out some light and deep pink 'poppies' these are in the background so they are not more than l/2" in diameter. I shaped them in an elongated triangle with one of the points at the base. I also did a few in ovals. I did some grasses by thread painting a thin satin stitch narrowing to a very fine point , along the width of the flowers, blooming from the middle of the poppies. I thread painted some
vertical lines to give the impression of more grasses and stems. I added more color below that, using mottled shades of green. I had a fabric with large fern like appearance and cut two more 'bushes' I also put in some leaf fabric which blended very well. I now had a general idea of where the poppies would lie and also started placing a variety of greens in the foreground. I wanted a variety of greens with some yellow greens and some blue greens included to give the scene some depth.

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Dolores said...

Wow that was quick. No sooner did I read your previous post and check out another blogger and here you are again with the promised tutorial. Thank you Shirley.