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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Learningfa Mysteries

Our group mysteries are being posted to the photos in the learningfa group. One of my friends Noell D from Calgary gave us a wonderful mystery - the first three we have received are gorgeous. It is amazing that each one is so different from the others and looking at them quickly you wouldn't know that they were all the same patter.

Teri, Arlene and Linda Adele own the three quilts which are shown. I think Noell has done
a marvelous job and as the steps were sent out every three days, it was nice for the girls who decided to take time out from their other projects and do this quilt. I will post the
other quilts as they come in. It is a good lesson
as it shows how different fabrics make one pattern look so different.

I have just started on a fairly large wall hanging of the area around Calgary, for an
important event coming up in June. I want to make sure it represents the Canadian Rockies and foothills and have decided to do an Autumn scene with snow on the peaks and the
featuring the beautiful gold colors on the lower trees. It is my favorite time of the year here
and it is important to me that this one really sings! grin. I am planning on working on it over the next while and hopefully it will be a success. I am pretty well caught up with only two small pieces needing binding. Have a nice day everyone! Shirley

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Fiesta said...

Shirley these are stunning!