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Monday, March 9, 2009

Tutorial #4 Poppies and wildflowers

Here is the pattern, and finished leaves for the poppies, as well as the poppy pattern and finished poppies, these will be placed on the larger side border, with the poppies about 2 inches from the top and the leaves 2 inches above the bottom.

I used a pretty pink fabric and painted the deep portions with acrylic craft paint in a
deeper pink. I placed a green center in two of the poppies and overlaid it with thread painting. I then thread painted a light cream around the one center (see middle poppy).

I then cut out a different colored set of leaves than the background and appliqued it at least three inches above the bottom of the quilt, and the poppies at least 3 inches below the top.

I then used a satin stitch for the stems making sure that the top of the stem was placed on the correct portion of the poppy - see the bottom poppy, it is facing down so your stem will come up from the leaves and curved down to the poppy. I then put a small piece of
cream eyelash yarn to represent some of the grasses . It is now time to quilt the wall hangings. The bottom picture is a close up of the BACK of the wall hanging showing you the quilting. Note that the quilting is even, all over the wall hanging. It MUST be, or your picture won't be squared off. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.


Carol said...

I got so engrossed looking at the pictures I needed to go back and read the directions :) Not a bad thing. Meant I got to look at everything for longer. I love the poppies.If my landscaping ever gets that good I'll be one "happy camper."

everythingquilts said...

My goodness that sure was fast. Just this morning I came to see the first part and had to go do my few hours of babysitting. I didn't have time to comment so just got home and wa-la you have this thing looking spectacular. I love it.

everythingquilts said...

Had had to go back and take a long close look at it again, and have to say this is my favorite of all the pieces I've seen you make. I'm sure there are many I haven't seen, but I adore this one.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, you are an inspiration to us all....I think I had better get started with learning, would love to get a picture of my geese now in the meadow against the bare treeline, and threadpaint...well at least I will get the picture for the future..

Shirley said...

I think it is a good idea to take your camera everytime you are outside, as you never know whey you will want to use it for a landscape.

I appreciate the nice words about Poppies and Wildflowers. It is something entirely different than I have ever done and was really please that it looked so realistic.

I have all the photos in my photo album, of each of my wall hangings. I started taking pictures of the steps when I started the learning fa
group- so once I have the pictures I just put them in and write up instructions with each photo.

This one was sold before I had it finished and permission was give to use it for a class tutorial on the blog.

OneCraftataTime said...

Beautiful!! The colors are perfect.

Fiesta said...

Shirley those poppies are delightful!