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Friday, March 20, 2009

Latest work

I am working on a larger wall hanging which will be given for a special occasion in June.

I have the background done and am working on the foreground now. I am putting my thread painted bear and fir tree in this piece and it is finally starting to come together.

I don't have any problems doing the distant mountains but it is more difficult to
come up with something 'different' for the foreground. The piece is called, the
"Bow Valley in Autumn" and after many different layouts I have made the final decision on how I want to finish it. I had planned to put a foreground hill in the piece but with the bear and the tree , I decided to put in some dead logs, and have lots of bushes, but leave
it flat. I still have to decide once I have it quilted, whether I will put tall birch trees in the
border. I won't know that until the very end.

I am putting in the pictures I have taken so far- you can see how it evolved.

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