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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My four season challenge with Learningfa

I am having a much better day today. I just visited Carol's blog. Carol had shown each of the steps of the winter challenge she is doing for Learningfa- I think you would find it very interesting.

I changed 11 photographs of scenes I have collected over the year, to black and white. The challenge is for each person to pick one season at a time, and make a landscape. Carol picked the covered bridge and I want you to see what a great job she is doing. Click on the pictures to increase the size. I am continually amazed at the quality of the work in the learningfa group. Some of these girls have never done landscapes before joining my group.

I would love it if you would comment on her work. Remember to scroll down and see where she started (#1) and where she is now. I am very proud of them all. It makes my day when I see such great work coming out of my challenges.

I am happy to say that all the students got their simple landscape class emails so they can go ahead and work on them.
It is rather pretty and hopefully shows them different techniques.

I have a more advanced class coming up in

We just got back from a drive - it is a sunny, fairly warm (in comparison to last week) day, the mountains in the distance are so clear you feel you can reach out and touch them, even though they are one hour's drive from here.
The snow capped Rockies are sooo beautiful. We are hoping to take a drive up to
Banff next week, as I want to get some more pictures of snow on the Rockies and in the foothills. We stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and a doughnut (Canada's Krispy Creme, only much better- grin). There coffee is excellent and we drop in once a week, just to
get out of the house and have a bit of a treat.

I want to get more wall hangings finished (binding ) so had better get at it. Yesterday
was a loss as I spent the day fighting with my computer - grin. Talk to you all later.
Before I go, I want to thank those who take the time to put comments in my blog. It means a lot as I know then, that people are reading it. Also those who have included me in their favorites. It is much appreciated. Shirley

1 comment:

Carol said...

Hi Shirley,

Thanks for "spotlighting" my 4 seasons challenge and blog. I'm blushing :)

Hopefully I don't totally confuse people when I start posting about the "Simple Landscape Challenge".