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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is here!

Every year 5 robins arrive in our yard and we wait for them with baited breath (especially this year as the winter has been dreadful) THEY ARRIVED YESTERDAY.!!! They have come a long way and yet they are quite chubby and busy. It must be difficult for them as they always arrive when there is snow on the ground. A couple of them stay and the others keep on going a few days after they arrive. They come to the same two trees each year. The picture is part of my thread painting class - click on it to see the stitch directions if you are interested in thread painting.

We always have baby robins in the spring and what a joy they are! We are also watch for
an eagle or a very large hawk that arrives about now every year. It has its nest in a tall tree
along the road beside our complex. She has her babies and hunts in a large natural park across the street from our complex. Next we will have the johnie jump ups, (little pansies)crocus and dandelions! It is sunny and nice today, with more snow expected tomorrow. This has been the worst winter I can remember, and I have seen many many of them.

I am concerned about the flooding in North Dakota and the strong possibility of flooding
in the Winnipeg area. For those who are affected by the water, our thoughts are with you.

I am having problems with my sewing machine and I am afraid it is time for me to think about buying another one. My two Vikings have embroidered thousands of miles of thread over the past ten years - I don't use the straight stitch except for the borders, all my other work is embroidery. Both my machines are having tension problems, even though I bought new bobbin holders- which did improve the stitch a bit. It looks loops on the top and the bottom and my tech person said I needed a new machine. I will likely start looking around. I can't complain as my two freesias (Husquvarna's) have done a good job on my wall hangings. I use different layers, different stitching directions and heavily free motion quilt all my wall hangings so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I am going to look around before I decide which machine would do what I need it to do.

Bye for now. (I hope the robins are arriving or have arrived at your house!!)

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Janet Hartje said...

I always watch for the birds to come back too. I saw two cardinals the other day and quickly filled the bird feeder hoping to encourage them to stay. I now have two very fat happy squirrels feasting away at my 'squirrel' proof feeder. Haven't seen the cardinals again though. Janet Hartje