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Friday, March 13, 2009


As I am doing a lot of thread painting for the big wall hanging I am doing. I thought I would show you another thread painted subject. I am going to do a fir tree - quite large for the foreground. I lay a medium mottled green on my timtex - 3" wide by 16" high.

I drew a fir tree on the green and stitched around the drawing. I wanted there to be a distinction between some of the branches. Using a very dark green, I went over the portion which will be shadowed.

I then started using a pretty fairly bright rayon green for the branches, after thread painting in the trunk and a bit of the branches. You have to look fairly close to see the thread painting on the top branches around the brown trunk. I will carry on down the tree. Once I have this portion done, I will over stitch with a bit of contrast (likely lighter), to give it more of a 3 d impression. This is my first attempt at thread painting this type of tree for a closeup and I want it to look as natural and real as possible. (I am not sure whether I am going to succeed with this one or not. Usually I can highlight what needs to be highlighted once the whole thing is thread painted, but it is difficult when it is one dark shade - rather than a variety. I will post this now and finish it up tomorrow and post a picture of the finished tree (I hope) grin. Shirley

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