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Monday, February 16, 2009

Alberta Scenery

Here are some scenes of Alberta and the East part of British Columbia --- Enjoy!


dillysnana said...

I love your landscape pieces. Was wondering if you plan on doing a crayon type landscape wall hanging. The type where you color a picture, or draw picture, then heat set and emblish. Have seen a few and they are wonderful. Thanks.

Shirley said...

I did a couple of crayon landscapes a few years ago when I was still painting my quilts - then got into the rough edged applique, thread painting and crazy patch. Maybe some time I will get back at it. Time seems to fly by and with the group and the blog plus my home life, I am pretty busy - grin. Shirley.

Carol said...

Love the photographs and I am looking forward to participating in the 4 season challenge.

I follow your blog almost every day and enjoy reading it.

Carol H.

Jennifer said...

Wow...what a wonderful place you live in!

Betweens said...

can I live there?? is this far from your home? what a great area for ideas and creativity..

Shirley said...

We are an hour from Banff - Calgary is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and I can see them from my window -- To the west and south of us is prairie (which I love too) and to the north of here are lakes, and trees, and beautiful scenery. I love this place - was born here, and after many years away I am back 'home'. We take drives up to Canmore and Banff often - just to visit the Sugar Pine quilt store and Tim Hortons in Canmore which is
very close to Banff - and to get right in the mountains when we visit Banff. Mt. Rundle is right in the town of Banff and it is so glorious to look in every direction to see the wonderful Rockies. That is why most of my work is about this area --

This is a beautiful country. Nothing can beat Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes in the fall.

And our prairies are beautiful in their own way too. I am so glad to live in Canada.

PegSue said...

Shirley, beautiful pics. There are a couple that have spawned ideas in my head and have been marked for later consideration. Thanks for sharing. Happy stitching, Peggy in FL