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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have mentioned previously our Learningfa landscap challenge. Here are 3 completed challenges - aren't they wonderful? You will note that each person took a photo, changed it to black and white - put the original away out of site, and then did a landscape of the black and white picture, using colors of their choice. I think it is interesting to see how each of them interpreted their photo. Sher's (the mountains), realized that there was just too much in the photo so she reduced the length of the mountains - this is something that should be looked at when you are doing a landscape from a photo. You don't need to take every little bush and subject that is in the photo. You want to give the IMPRESSION
Of the picture. All three of the girls, Judy, Joyce and Sher have done an excellent job . I really like their fabric choices, and the fact that they used the values shown in the photos very well. EXCELLENT JOB, LADIES!

I am going to set up another challenge but this time we will do the 4 seasons - Each person can choose AT LEAST two of the four seasons and hopefully they will do all four seasons.
I have chosen some of my photos and changed them to black and white - and the students can choose which photo they want to work with from the ones I post. If this appeals to any of my blog followers, please join learningfa (click on icon on the sidebar) and join the group - then sign up in the data base. These challenges will be included in our draws for one of my wall hangings.

I am going to post the black and white pictures they can choose from, in my next post. Iknow there are a few challenges in the works and I will post them when I receive the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shirley, I have been looking at the challenge pictures and they are very well done . The new challenge does look interesting and I will be trying it ./ Hopefullt it can be fitted into my timr frame as spring is shaping up to be busy. I have checked out your blog before but this is the first I have made a comment , keep up the good work , Margaret