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Monday, February 2, 2009

here I am again

- a couple of years ago I made a wall hanging for a friend, who wanted to give it to her daughter in law. My friend recently sent me a picture of the wall hanging which had been framed - it is the first, I believe, of all my landscapes that has been framed, and I was very happy to receive the picture. She said that at first it doesn't look like fabric, more like a painting. I thought I would share it with you.


Char said...

Hi Shirley

The picture looks exactly like the trees along the wood line here..I just love do such wonderful work, I havnt even had time to start the threadwork classes....but will.....
Char Rathman

Shirley said...

Thanks Char -- I imagine your home place is very beautiful. Actually, I got the idea when we were on a trip to Ontario in the fall. Such beauty there. Our trees here in the Rockies and foothills are all gold, very little reds and oranges. Beautiful too, but not as overwhelming.

It is nice to hear from you. Shirley

MARIKA said...

Wonderful beautiful works congratulate .warm autumn szineid wonderful.greeting MARIKA HUNGARY

Shirley said...

Marika - thankyou for your comments. I am always so pleased when people visit my blog from other countries.

I hope you will come back and visit soon. Shirley