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Saturday, February 7, 2009

CHALLENGE #2 - 4 Seasons

Here are the black and white photos that I will offer to any of the students who decide to do
our second challenge -- They may choose one of the photos and will be expected to do at least two wall hangings, or preferably one for each season - The work must be a real contrast- It would be wonderful to have a series of four to go together. The minimum size will be 12" x 14"

They will have to choose entirely different palettes for each season - this is the fun of it.
I have nine pictures for them to choose from -and here they are: I think it will give lots of different scenes to choose from.The student may choose one photo for each season, or, if preferred one photo for all the seasons. The cabin is ours, and if I were doing the challenge I would leave out the chairs and would do the same with the other photos. Reducing the amount of detail on most of them. ---- Please if you read this blog, would you mind putting a comment in with your thoughts about this challenge. I would love some input.



MARIKA said...

SHIRLEY! Very much like the black and white pictures the háromas And the fiver very much megfogot .elfogom késziteni .I like it very much your blog I learn a lot web translation I apply it .I say thank you for it how I may study töled I value it highly your knowledge .üdvözlet MARIKA HUNGARY

Carol said...

I love the photographs and think doing the series is a great idea.

Carol H.

Arlene said...

I love the idea of having a single photo recreated in 4 seasons. I won't have access to my stash (or fabric) until May so I won't finish the first one in the time specified. I will, however, complete the challenge this year.

Ruth in oregon said...

Your photos provide lots of food for thought. I started collecting winter fabric for Helene Knott's pattern, Multnomah Falls, after making it in summer colors. Thank goodness you're accepting a smaller size. Being able to use more than one photo is good.

tisme said...

Shirley, I am not going to be able to complete your whole challenge, I am very busy until at least the end of April. I am going to a retreat in New HAmpshire the last weekend of that month and things should slow down then. But I would like to take one of your photos and do two seasons by the end of your challenge. Is that alright?

Shirley said...

Yes, it is fine with me. I answered by email as well as here.

The photos which are numbered are in the learningfa photo album, and the guidelines are in the files. Looking forward to hearing which picture you wish to do. Shirley

Shirley said...

Marika! nice to hear from you. I believe that Arlene (see her comment) is in Hungary for a few months. You should visit her blog and maybe you could have a conversation. Shirley

MARIKA said...

SHIRLEY!"Magányos bench " cimmel my blog you find it it was ready picture 55x 60 cm. Greeting MARIKA HUNGARY

Shirley said...

Marika - good job on your landscape which is in your blog. I like your bench. Shirley

MARIKA said...

SHIRLEY! I say thank you for it your words of appreciation !I am very happy that likes the bench.I say thank you for it how you visited me another time be olvasoja blogonak .Marika