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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My thread painting classes.

I teach a thread painting class on the learningfa group and the first four lessons are to teach the student how to shade. As you can see, they are fun subjects and I am very happy with the results that the students achieve.

Judy S. just posted these pictures of her thread painting to the learningfa group and I wanted to share the work with you. We start with the rosebud, then the hummingbirds, the chickadee and lastly the robin.

Once these are completed, we go on to learn about trees and buildings, and we finish off the class with a small thread painted landscape where we use what we have learned. I have an ongoing class, once one is completed, we start another -- it is absolutely wonderful how much the girls have accomplished .

It is amazing how each student manages to make her own work original, either by the thread she uses, the direction of her stitches, the background etc. I am so happy with what is happening in this class.

I will be starting another series this summer so if you are interested, join the learningfa group (click on icon on side bar) and join us for this and lots of other classes.

I spent the afternoon making a crochet hook holder for my dil who has just taken up
crocheting. I tried all over to find one , and couldn't so I decided to make one myself.

I had some nice suede leather so used it for the holder. She travels a lot so I think this will be handy for her and will fit into her suitcase without taking up too much room.


Betweens said...

I love the Crochet holder Shirley that is very thoughtful.. your threadart is just so amazing..i will always be the audience in this technique and really think that is where the true artistry is when you can paint with thread and make such beauty appear before you.

Shirley said...

Thanks so much Deb. There are so many different types of art - you are just as much an artist as I am - wouldn't it be dull if everyone did the same thing? I admire traditional quilting as it is way out of my comfort zone - So there is room for all of us. I really believe that. Shirley