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Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Morning!

I have been doing quite a bit of crochet this past couple of years and thought you might be interested in seeing the little round rug I made for my grand daughter's room.
I cut 3" wide strips of inexpensive fabric and fabric I had in my stash that would never be used. If I had or saw a heavier fabric I cut the strips 2.5" instead of three. I have a size l0
hook which is very large. I then crochet using a double crochet stitch, a large circle. I used to do long chains and then sew them, but this worked out really well. The first pictureis the finished mat - and the second one shows Hayley sitting on it when I finished it l8 months ago. She 'helped' me by pulling the strips apart once I had started the cut. She would grab the end where I cut it and then go backwards pulling the strip from the original fabric - Papa would catch her when it finished separating. I would then crochet the strip.

It is in her bedroom and she tells everyone that "Nana and I made this rug and I sit on it when I play with my toys" what a sweetie she is. As you can see from the pictures, the rug is very scrappy and as her room has a seascape mural around the bottom half of the walls, it blends in nicely. I did the mural before she was born so some of me is in her room, and she does know it.
She just turned 5 in January, so soon I will be able to teach her how to sew-
She doesn't seem to care much for dolls so I am not sure whether a doll quilt is in her future or not.
It is a very sunny and bright day, but oh so cold! it is -13 C so I am going to stay in and finish the simple landscape for the learning fa group - I am quilting the border and seem to want to put it off. I love doing the art part, but the border quilting and binding seem to drag on for me. Talk to you tomorrow! Shirley

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