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Monday, February 2, 2009

Beginning landscape class

I am ready to put the border on this
beginning landscape scene. The class is scheduled for the Learningfa group - I am going to border it with dark green and a pretty
fabric in paler green. There are lots of signups for this class and I hope the students enjoy it.

Once we have finished this one I plan on teaching a more advanced class (something like 'Horse country" which is more involved.

I am finding on my group that there is a lot of interest in learning landscapes so that is quite satisfying to me. I am also going to teach another summer landscape on the advanced thread painting class where we will do a lot more different thread painting, including the buildings. So far in the thread painting class, we have learned how to thread paint a rosebud, hummingbird, chickadee and robin, and now we are branching into trees and buildings- once these are under control we will make the landscape.

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