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Monday, February 9, 2009

Increasing or decreasing size of picture - Press.n seal

If you are doing the landscape 4 season challenge. It would definitely be worth your while to go to the December posts and on Dec. l7 there is a series of instructions as to how to change the size of your picture. It is not difficult and I would recommend it -

Once you have your pattern at least l2" x 14" on your paper - you are ready to transfer it to fabric.

Then go to the October posts and visit the posts with the eagles in it. Oct. 12.

You can now transfer your picture to your fabric -- -

These two steps will save you lots of time as they both work well in conjunction with each other and you will be ready to start your landscape. Both steps will take less than half a day.


btrudy said...

I am glad that I found out your blog very much. Interest the landscapes I try them out. Trudi from Hungary.

Shirley said...

Trudi - I hope you will join our learningfa group which gives free lessons in traditional quilting and landscape quilting. Go to the side bar on my blog and click on the 'yahoo' icon (join learningfa) and join the group. We learn all about landscapes. Shirley