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Monday, February 23, 2009

Tutorial- Winter scene Pt. 1

I have been working on a winter scene and have managed to get the center portion nearly finished. I decided I wanted to change my seasons as the last few wall hangings have represented summer. I decided to do another snow fall.

When I start a landscape I never know where I am going to end up - and this one was
no different!

I started with a dark blue batik like fabric for the background of the whole scene.

I cut a piece of muslin to use underneath the piece to give it body and also keep
the thread painting from puckering too much. The actual scene is quite small in comparison to my other pieces - it is 12" wide by 18" tall.

I then cut out some l/2"strips the length of the top l/3 of the scene and attached them to the dark blue sky to represent trees. I placed 6 of these strips across the top with a couple of them at an angle -- I then thread painted with a thread that was slightly lighter than the strips - some branches - These will be the background of the forest. I then placed a slightly lighter shade of blue for the background bushes. Then laid some snow across the scene,
adding more noticeable bushes along the snow line. I found a very interesting batik from my stash and cut slightly wider strips (8 strips) and placed them with the bottom on the snow setting them into two groups. Some of them were laid on an angle. I also started adding different shrubs along the snow line - and attached them. I then sprayed the background with light grey splatters to represent distant snow.

I then thread painted branches on the 8 trees in the front after finishing the bushes and the snow. I then used a dark brown thread, and thread painted some bushes along the tree line I then cut the snow shoreline and placed a dark blue fabric with a slight pattern under the snow about 6 inches wide to represent the water. I will continue with this wall hanging in my next posts. I hope it helps to see how I 'build' my pictures. I intend to have some snow in the foreground and place some larger trees there, as well as possibly putting an animal in the foreground.


MARIKA said...

Csodálatos téli táj .Nagyon jo hogy részletezted az elkészitést.
Ma eset a hó nálunk én is egy téli fát csináltam.Üdvőzlet Marika Hungary

MARIKA said...

Wonderful winter landscape .very much jo how you detailed it the elkészitést.
The snow makes it be raining today I did a winter tree at us.Üdvőzlet Marika Hungary Bocs make forget forditani

Shirley said...

Thanks Marika - I know you are saying nice things grin! I wish I understood Hungarian - but I like it that you comment on my blog so keep on doing so. Shirley