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Sunday, October 12, 2008

#2 Using Press N Seal

Once you have the P N S with the picture on it - laid on the fabric you will now stitch around all the lines. Make sure your feed dogs are down and that you have your
embroidery foot on it as well. Now stitch all around the lines until each line is covered.

You then will lift the PNS off the fabric, making sure all of it is removed. You now have a
picture stitched on your fabric. You can use the back or the front of the fabric; in this case I am going to use the eagle facing the same way as the picture.

I have found some yellow which I will use for the beak and the eye. I do it exactly the same way, tracing them onto the P NS , once it is traced, stitched and the PNS removed we will then attach it to the picture. I used steam a seam lite to attach them to the piece.

Now is the time to either color, paint, thread paint, or applique the other colors onto the eagle. I have decided to use my fabric pens. See tutorial number 3

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