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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This and that

We are going to celebrate my daughter's birthday as well as have a late Thanksgiving dinner tonight atmy son's .I am really looking forward it.

We had a dusting of snow yesterday morning but it melted very quickly. We had our
Election yesterday so we went to vote- I will have to admit it, I am glad our election doesn't last as long as the US elections! They called ours 3 months ago and we voted last night.
We once again have a minority government but they gained a lot of seats so it will take all three other parties to vote together to defeat them. Our Prime Minister is from Calgary and I think he is a very good man.

I have become very interested in the US election and it will be interesting to see who becomes President. It affects Canada in so many ways.
I have decided to carry on with the tutorials. The first one on Press N Seal went very well and I have had good feedback on it.

Tomorrow or Friday I will start a series on THREAD PAINTING. We will learn to thread paint a rosebud. It will be a good subject to learn a bit about how to use your machine and how to shade with thread. I have taught it on my group and it was well received. We will use the press N Seal to transfer the pattern. I hope to carry it on for the next few months.
We will do about ten different subjects including how to do trees for landscapes, autumn leaves, different birds and on and on . We will learn the technique and then we will do a thread painted landscape. We will also make a table topper using a thread painted block for the center and your choice of 6 or 8 inch blocks to surround it.I hope you will join us and let your friends know.
I am feeling really good as I have finished my Wellspring quilts so now I can get back to making gifts and getting some classes organized for my learningfa yahoo group as well as this blog. see side bar if you are interested in joining.

well, I had better get at it. I am still sitting in my housecoat finishing my coffee.

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