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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chinook Arch at sunset

I thought that those of you who have never seen a Chinook Arch which
I discussed previously, would enjoy seeing the pictures I just took showing
our sky from daylight to sunset. It is one of the prettiest arches I have
ever seen here. These were taken within a period of one hour and it was spectacular!

We have had 3 Arches with their warm winds in the past 3 days which is rather
unusual. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Shirley


Anonymous said...

The Chinook Arch is spectacular!
Thanks for sharing these great photo's.

Shirley said...

We don't see very many with the colors like this one.

The Chinook winds bring some relief to Southern Alberta as they can arrive in the middle of a bitter winter, and sometimes the temperature can rise up to 25 degrees within 3 or 4 hours -- suddenly all the snow is melting and it is such a nice break. It doesn't last more than a day or two. Then we are back to our Canadian winter. Shirley