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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tutorial -No. 1 transferring a picture with Press N Seal

I have decided to do a few lessons here and there on my blog. The first one is to show you how to use Press N Seal to transfer a picture to a piece of fabric. I am going to use a
picture of a bald eagle for the first tutorial. I am starting with a picture of a Bald Eagle ,

1 Cut a piece of Press N seal the same size as the picture, lay it on the top of the picture and using a sharpie fine trace around the lines of the picture , including all the center lines. Once you have drawn the lines on the P N S you then let the ink dry and place the PNS with the drawing on it , sticky side down on your white fabric. If you are doing a flower, put it on a fabric the color of the flower.

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