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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Irish Patch work society

I just put a link under 'my friends' (Miriam) which will take you to the Irish Patchwork Society's recent show.
Miriam Gogarty from Dublin, Ireland is a good friend of mine who is active on my learningfa group. I think the Irish Patchwork Society (I hope I got the name right) put on a wonderful show. The postcards on the homepage are all done by Miriam. Wouldn't I love to attend one of their meetings and meet Miriam - Isn't the internet a wonderful thing when it is used properly?
As I have mentioned the Wellspring program and my interest in it - and as I have worked for many years for "the Quilt' I will be going on Thursday to help as much as possible with the setting up of the Calgary quilts for display at the local LaZboy store - the quilts will be on display at the store until just prior to the auction which is in early November. I can't do much of the physical work, but hopefully I will be able to help with the sorting etc.

LaZBoy stores all across Canada have been very involved for years with "The Quilt" and the stores in the Auction cities display the quilts every year. I will also be 'sitting with the quilts' a few times. The local guilds and other quilters do different shifts to answer questions and keep an eye on the wonderful quilts that have been donated from quilters all across Canada.. I do enjoy it.

It is another beautiful, sunny day here in Calgary. The leaves are falling and within another week they will all be on the ground. I have to admit I am not looking forward to
our Calgary winter, although we are fortunate that we do get breaks from the bitter
cold when a 'Chinook' wind blows through this part of Alberta. It is a warm wind and the temperature can go from bitterly cold to nice warm weather within a few hours. It turns cold again once the wind passes over us but it is a very nice break. We get 3 or 4 such winds a year.
I have finished my new wall hanging except for sewing on the binding and will post a picture when it is completely done. It will be one of the Wellspring quilts -

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