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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn is here

It is so lovely outside, the leaves are starting to fall but only starting. The colors are
unbelievable, especially getting closer to the Rockies. Here is a picture I just received from my son , my little grand daughter Hayley, I think she was 'helping' her dad rake leaves.

She is coming to spend the day with us so I won't be on line much. She spends a day a week with us and what a joy she is. She will be five in January, and what a wonderful
age that is,she is so bright and loves to learn. The second picture was 2 weeks ago on our little day trip, I imagine all the leaves have fallen by now.

This has been a wonderful autumn ,the weather has been outstanding , warm and sunny.

I am hoping to finish my winter scene today for Wellspring as I have finished the quilting and now just have to add the backing and binding.

See you all later.

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