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Friday, October 31, 2008


We are in the process of setting up free classes for 2009 - and we have lots of great things planned. Once I have the schedule set up, I will post the classes here.

Learning fa is a group I started in May 2007 - with the idea, that I would like to share
any knowledge I have about quilting landscape wall hangings, thread painting etc.
I also wanted to make sure that there were lots of traditional classes as well.

Wow, has it ever taken off -- we have covered so many things, and learned so much.
The members themselves have done most of the teaching. Some have never taught before at all, and others have never taught on line. We have a very workable method of sending emails with each class, showing pictures and instructions for each step of the way. The girls have been wonderful. We have all gained from the group - it is a happy, fun, and very
interesting group. Some have never done any art type quilting and they have enjoyed doing thread painting and making landscapes. Others have learned new techniques for traditional quilting. We have mysteries, swaps and round and row robins. However it is mainly focused on teaching different techiques. We have taught stained glass, one block wonder, prairie points, wearable art, colorful cubes, and on and on.

If this appeals to you , click on the learningfa on the side bar - I would be happy to have you in the group. We also teach (at least I do) with the Cdnquiltswappers and the Valerie Hearder landscape group - so we are spreading our knowledge.

If you are new to my blog, check back on my posts and you will see lots of pictures of work done by our members.

It has been a dream of mine for years to do something like this but I never dreamed it would work out so well. Shirley

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