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Friday, October 24, 2008

Winter fun

I am not sure what the final name will be, but I am working on the wall hanging which will go to the first corporate donor to Well Spring. I had done one previously, but Well Spring is using it for a raffle at the auction so they asked me for another. I have lots to do on it.
still add lots of thread painting, a couple of spruce trees in the foreground and will mute the color of the skating marks on the ice. I will also add quite a few shrubs and bushes to the village. What fun I am having with this one. I took a dark blue fabric and painted the sky and ice colors and am happy with it.
I will like use a narrow light border and a darker wide border but haven't decided yet.
I hope you like it!


Debbie said...

this is adorable... I love this one.

Shirley said...

You are such a good friend. YOu like them all! grin - Shirley

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

No wonder the corporate sponsor wanted one like this - too cool! I love the lines on the ice where the kids have been skating!