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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

#4 Mt Rundle

I have continued to do a lot of thread painting on the distance bushes etc. Click on the pictures to see the closeup. I thread painted grasses and
some trees and bushes on the front island and put in the logs as well.
All I have to do now is square this off, and put borders on it. I have decided on a narrow
orange-brown, and a mottled grey for the borders, after much discussion with my husband Pat, who has a really good eye. When you pick a border fabric I try to pick a color that is in the picture and I try not to pick something that will take away from the scene, as you want the scene to catch the eye, not the borders. They should frame the picture not overwhelm it. -------- I think I will put in some more
shrubs in the island and make them a bit bigger. Also I have decided to add a few
more branches, although the trees are quite bare.
I will post a picture of the quilted, finished piece as soon as possible. I hope this little
tutorial is of some help. Shirley

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