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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fabric postcards

are so much fun. Here are a few of the 350 cards I
have collected. (Hard to believe I sent one out for each of the cards I received! I have been asked to show them to different groups and they have been
so appreciated. We had different themes in the
Fabricart Postcard group that I started and if you check out the faces, there are four cards which I received from different members. I think the cards I am posting, show many of the different techniques the girls have used. They are my treasures. The first pictures are mine.
Click on the cards to see the close work! Shirley


Skye said...

Shirley, these postcards are incredible..I've done some but nothing commpared to these...Do you have a special way of showing these off? hugs, Skye

Shirley said...

I have 350 and keep them in a box.I
do take them around and show them -
I wish I had a wall large enough to
display them all. The ones I showed here are only l/8th of them all, and
every one of them is different.

I did make a post card bag which I will post but the rest of the time
they are put away. That is why I finally gave up the list - I just didn't have any room for any more!


Joan said...

These postcards are just outstanding, Shirley -- Very inspiring! I really hope to try my hand at more postcards after the holidays. Thanks for letting us take a peek at your little works of art!