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Monday, December 29, 2008

Good morning!

The weather is not nearly as bad as it was that past 3 weeks. It is still cold but not bitter.

I finished binding and making the bag to hold 'The Three Sisters' so it is nice that it is done and I can go on with something else. I am debating what to start next - Seriously thinking of doing another wildflower quilt, using Alberta wild flowers in a fields, something like my
'Poppies and wildflowers' that I did last year. I had never done one like it before, and
I really enjoyed making it. The next picture for the series will likely be Mt. Rundle again as the one I just finished was a gift. I hope to do 5 or 6 of the Rockies over the next year.

Our 'little one' spent the day with us yesterday. We worked on some 'Art' with Nana, and then she went outside with Papa and played in the huge snow drift right outside our
patio of our condo. She played outside for an hour and the two of them came in
completed covered with snow. She is coming for a sleepover on New Year's eve so that
her parents can celebrate the New Year together. We enjoy having her.

We are taking a bit of a break on learningfa - we take the Christmas week off without
doing any classes, as everyone is so busy. I am looking forward to the classes we have
planned for 2009. One that will be very useful, is the beginner Quilting group by Deb- she will walk everyone through making a quilt from beginning to end and then follow up in the spring with instructions for quilting the finished top. There is lots of interest shown
for this class and I just posted it on learning fa.
Well, I think I will have another cup of coffee and decide what I am going to work on next.
Have a good day, everyone! Shirley

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