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Sunday, December 7, 2008


my nearly five year old Grand Daughter, stayed overnight and we had such fun.
We made a ginger bread house, then a sleigh and reindeer with Santa driving the sleigh.
We ended up with icing all over our faces and I think we had more on us than we did on the gingerbread! Then we decided to decorate the table tree and put out the little fairies I had painted with her last year. She decorated the tree all by herself and she thought that was neat. We then packaged all the pine cones we painted last visit and put them in little bags with her name on them and also the name of the recipient. It was a very serious business and took lots of concentration. What a joy she is! We still have lots to do as we have to make a Christmas tree chain and a few more things.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

Oops, I deleted the previous message. (sorry)

Nice job on the tree, and gingerbread house, sleigh and reindeer. What a treat for you to have spent the day with her.

Shirley said...

It brought back so many memories of getting ready for Christmas with my 3 children when they were little.

Christmas is always a big thing in our house. Especially as most of the family are together. Shirley

Debbie said...

Oh you look like you had such fun!!!!

Skye said...

What a memory you've given not only to yourself but to her....You both did a wonderful job and she sure looks so very happy...hugs, Skye