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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Memories of Christmas eve,

So many happy memories of Christmas eve. When I was a child we sometimes used to go skating
on Christmas eve with all our friends, and then home for hot chocolate with marshmallows.----------

When I got into my teens, 6 of us used to walk through Mount Royal, singing Christmas Carols in front of the beautiful homes there. We did that every year until I finished high school.---------

Sometimes we would go to Church at midnight as there was always a wonderful Candle
lighting ceremony, and the choir would sing all the old Christmas Carols, with the
congregation joining in. Then they would finish with the "Messiah" I still get a shiver as that is such wonderful music and our choir was one of the Best I have ever heard..
As I grew older and married, and had children, the memories are so sweet. I made the children
new pajamas every year, and we would sing Christmas carols, and tell Christmas stories. I remember one Christmas as a lonely time, as my husband was overseas with the Peace
Keeping forces on the Gaza Strip. He managed to get to Bethlehem though.----------

I still remember their faces when we decorated the tree. Now we see the same with our
Grand daughter. I do believe though that it was a simpler time - less stress, no credit cards, fewer expectations -
I think as we get older, our memories seem so perfect, and yet I am
aware that things weren't always as perfect as we remember. Isn't it great that we usually remember the good times at Christmas.------------------

I remember Christmas in New Zealand, with a barbeque on the beach and all our friends . Mussels, clams and so many wonderful fish. It was so different for us but many happy memories. I think of all
my friends in Australia and New Zealand, celebrating a 'summer' Christmas. I remember thinking I would love to be home for Christmas week, and then back to the wonderful weather!
I hope whoever reads this, will take a few minutes, and remember their Christmas eves.


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