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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mount Rundle, The Canadian Rockies

is the project I am working on now. I managed to get a lot accomplished yesterday
and thought I would put pictures of how I go from beginning to end when I make
a scene.--------------------------I would like to show you how to either increase or decrease
a pictures by blocking both the original picture into squares and then taking the size of picture you want and blocking it into the same number of squares. This is a picture of Mount
Rundle, in Banff, and I squared off the photo which was 8 x 11 " and then squared of an
piece of butcher paper l8" x 13.5.-------If there is a lot of detail you might want to divide the squares again into four on both pieces.
I then very carefully drew each square exactly as it was on the original, only in the larger
square on the butcher paper. Carry on doing that throughout the picture. I spent a lot of
time copying the Mountain and just sketched in the foreground. I then took a piece of
Press n Seal and copied it with a black archival pen. (I have used a fine sharpie but I am a bit leery about the ink seeping through the P & S.) --- Once I had copied all the lines onto
the press n seal I laid the P & S on a piece of grey fabric, making sure it is very flat. --I then stitched carefully along all the drawn lines. Once I had stitched the whole scene, I CAREFULLY removed the press n seal. A share pair of scissors helps with this. Make sure you get all the press n seal removed. Voila, you have your picture on your fabric.

I will show you how I continue with this wall hanging in my next post. Shirley


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