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Friday, December 26, 2008

This and that

Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas! We did. Our
little grand daughter is the best age for Christmas and it was a joy to see her opening her gifts and welcoming us all. She was so sweet. It was very relaxing and the dinner was great.

Today is our big shopping day, something like the day after Thanksgiving in the States, but not quite as overwhelming. The stores open early and it is a good time to pick up bargains.
Not for me though , I am quite happy to stay at home and work on a wall hanging.
I am reading a good book by Barbara Taylor Bradford - "The Heir" and I also have the following book for the same series "Being Elizabeth" I love her books.
Finally it is turning a bit warmer here in Calgary - thankfully. I don't remember a
long spell as cold as this one has been. It is still cold but when it is -28 - 30 C with a windchill at least l5degrees colder it is pretty hard to take. Hard on our cars, hard on the roads (as we got a huge snow storm which added to the problems) - oh well, that is what we get every once in awhile in this part of the world. It seems that all over North America the weather has been bad and flying a real problem.
We have taken a hiatus for the Christmas season, from our Learningfa group but will be
getting a good start right after the New Year. We have some great classes organized and
I do hope you will join us if you want to take some of our classes. We will have a
new class ' Learning to quilt from scratch" where you will learn how to quilt from beginning to end. We will carry on with our Thread painting classes for those who are
signed up. We are also going to have a blogger l01 class, a 'make a little book' class.
I will be teaching the a landscape course, and that is just some of our classes. We will also be teaching repeats so do go to the group and join us.

Take care everyone! Shirley

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