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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mount Rundle, part 2

I have my picture stitched to some grey fabric. I want to heavily thread paint the
mountain so I have decided to do it on timtex to avoid puckering. Cut the sketched scene
right below the tree line, leaving the mountain and the tree line, to place on the Timtex
( peltex) (the web you use to make fabric bowls). I laid the mountain on the web, and stitched carefully around it with a narrow zig zag so that the fabric, and the timtex are
stitched together.I then cut out the mountain. I took some dark green acrylic paint and mixed it with textile medium and, dipping my brush in water, I painted the bottom part of the mountain as shown (this gives the impression of the trees. I then started thread painting with the greys. I used two shades of grey, light and dark and followed the original picture. As you can see from the photo above, I thread painted the grey and then filled in the mountain with white zig zag set to nearly a satin stitch. I forgot to take a picture of the next step. I thread painted trees along the bottom of the mountain by using a narrow zig zag in a blue green thread - up and down the width of the mountain.
The zig zag gives the trees a more realistic look. You don't need to detail at all just use the
zig zag and fill in the strip (always going up and down) along the bottom. We are now ready to attach our mountain to our background. I will continue with part 3 in the next post.


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