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Monday, December 8, 2008

DEE from Learningfa

posted the instructions as to how to make a 'tiny url' if you want a
quick way to reach a site on line. Here it is, and thanks Dee.

I have made a little tutorial to help you
understand TINYURL


Highlight to copy the long web address from
the top of the
web page
Together choose CTRL & C keys (I like to
think of this as

You can open a new window and then go to

You will see a white box with the words:
Enter a long URL
to make tiny:
In the white box you will then copy the long
web address
from the web page.
I do this by using the CTRL & V keys (it is
another form
of paste)
Now, using the box to the immediate right of
the box you
have just entered the
long web address into, click on MAKE A TINY

A box appears asking if you want to use this
source or not.
I chose ALLOW

Viola….do you see below it is written out for

That long url you sent has now become:

Again I copy and paste into an outgoing email
friends will now be able to
just click and go to the web page… isn’t

I love to use this method when I have a picture
I want to
show them. Instead of
having to go into the photo albums to view a
newly placed
picture, you can just
make a tiny and send it to the group. If the
members click
on your tiny they
will go directly to the picture placed into
the album. No
more having to hunt or
search for it.

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