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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mt. Rundle, Pt. 3

I chose a hand dyed fabric for my sky, and a pretty turquoise blue for the water. I used a
pellon stabilizer under the whole piece and then appliqued the mountain to the background. If you look closely you can see in both pictures how I thread painted the row of trees at the base of the Mountain. ----
I put a strip of pretty brown-gold at the bottom of the tree line and stitched it down at the top and bottom. I then picked a lighter
mottled beige brown, for the island in the
distance. I then auditioned a piece of fabric for the foreground island. It is not attached at this stage. I did some thread painting on the far island and put in some shrubs etc. I then
decided on the foreground island and will attach it now. I still have the foreground island and the dead wood to add but the picture is coming along very well. I hope to finish it today and will post the next steps tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed this little tutorial. Shirley

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