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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good Morning!

I have been preparing a 3 Fabric wall hanging course and have the first one of two finished.

I had a group of panels featuring birds and decided to do the chickadees. I am really happy with the way it turned out.

This is a very easy process and I think it is
handy for those who don't feel they want to
try original wall hangings. These work up very quickly and are lots of fun to make.
We are expecting bitter cold weather here
in Calgary. It is expected to go down to
-25deg. C with a windchill down into the
-30's. brrrr. I guess in this part of the
world it is to be expected. I just wish I was in Arizona! I loved the winter weather there.
I am looking forward to Christmas as Hayley is nearly 5 and is really getting excited about Christmas. We are fortunate that our family will be together. Although I am not positive our oldest son will make it. It will be a quiet Christmas which is the type I enjoy the most.
Before we retired we used to have 'open house' on Boxing day (the day after Christmas)
and sometimes we would have 50 people drop in and out during the day. I miss it in a way, but am not able to put out that much effort and we are in a condo rather than a house so we have not had one for quite a few years.
We are both still dealing with the end of our 'flu' or cold or whatever it was. We are both still coughing and have headaches. The Doctor said we will live grin - and that we just have to wait it out. I seem to always get a long lasting cough this time of the year.

I am really happy as I have made a new wonderful friend this year, WENDY from WELLSPRING as well as all the volunteers, and PATTI the executive director. What a great
group of friendly people they all are. I hope to be able to help Wellspring again this year with my wall hangings - so satisfying.

One of the learningfa group members, Chris Dahl is going to teach us Blogger l01
in January. She is very knowledgeable and I am looking forward to learning how to do
some new things on my blog. She will show us how to set up a blog from beginning to end. As it is right now, my blog is simple and I don't do much fancy stuff here. There are a few things I have problems with so I am looking forward to
learning about blogging. Some things are not compatible with my mac but more and
more things are available to us Mac users.

I hope you are having fun preparing for Christmas - have you got all your quilting projects done? I hope so. Shirley

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