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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Autumn leaves

I am quite happy with the green outside border . I did do some more cream bushes to give a contrast as the landscape is quite dark. I do like it though. I have quilted a strip up the center (vertical lines) and quilted the background trees. I also quilted the large tree at the back. I don't think I will quilt the inside of the tree - it will sit out quite nicely. I am really enoying doing this piece.

I hope to get the quilting finished today, although I want to make a quick trip to Fabricland (Canadian store) as they have 70% off most things. I want to pick up some 404 spray which is the permanent spray. (I also use 505 when I am deciding where to put things).
As I mentioned yesterday - most of this piece was done with Stitch Witchery, I just love it. I understand Angelina fibers work very will with this product. It is so much easier to lay a piece of the SW and the lay the leaves (in this case) on top, then press it all to the background, then
use invisifil to tack the leaves down as well. If you look closely (click on picture) you can see that I added a few bushes here and there. This shows the same thing as the first picture but it is a bit more obvious.

I am having so much fun right now. We have over 370 people on the learningfa group and the new girls are so delighted with the group. My 3 fabric wall hanging class signup closes today and we have a large group signed up. Sometimes, in some classes we get up to
90 people signed up - unbelievable. We can handle that many as the classes are sent out in emails with pictures and instructions with each picture. I have all the classes for the spring on hand, ready to send out- check out the group as excellent classes are being offered in the next 3 months.-----------------------------

I am also really impressed with a group I discovered recently- Quilting on a budget..
Joan, the owner of the group belongs to my group and I belong to hers. Both groups aim for the same thing - to help quilters learn new things and keep the cost as low as possible.
I put it in the side bar. I also hope you will check out my friends, and interesting links in the side bar.
Well, back to my quilting!!! Have a good day, everyone! Shirley

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