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Sunday, January 4, 2009

More about making my post cards

Here are some painted and thread painted cards I made while I was in my group.The black with gold
metallic thread and the one with white and
gold is quite

I loved doing the Northern
lights card and it was quite effective. I did 3 strips of them with 2 6" cards per strips.

I made these two cards the little mountain scene with the brown cabin, for some friends who were visiting me. I thread painted with a straight stitch, the mountains (not much detail) a little bit along the shore. Then I
painted a little house brown and thread painted the roof, bushes and tree. I started out
with a strip of fabric 4.5 wide and 13" wide and then finished them the way I did the abstract cards. It took about an hour ! My friends were tickled with them and when I visited one of their homes my postcards was still sitting on the mantel 2 years later.


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Susan Loftin said...

All your postcards are beautiful! I can't decide which one is my favorite.