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Friday, January 9, 2009

I have a new project!

I saw a program on tv where a group of ladies were taking plastic grocery and gift bags, cutting each one in one long strip about 2" wide and crocheting them into Grocery bags, or
makeup bags, any kind of bag you might need. I have started one and they work up quickly. I have all my family and friends saving plastic bags for me. I started at the top on one side
and will double crochet until I have enough to make a good sized bag by folding in half.

I will put strong handles on each side of the top - I think they will be handy for groceries and will recycle all the plastic bags we still get. I will post a picture when the bag is finished. I thought I might make 5 or 6 to carry when we buy our big order of groceries.

My dil also wants me to make some for her too. I thought you all might be interested. I haven't googled them, but I am sure they are on a website somewhere. I am just doing very simple ones. I think if I was going to make a travel makeup bag or a meds bag for travelling I would single crochet rather than double crochet. They are very light and I think they will be handy. I haven't decided how I will do the handles but will deal with that when I get to that stage.

I decided to join a Challenge on the Quilting Arts magazine so I will be working on both pieces for the next while. I have never entered my stuff anywhere but my friend Deb
talked me into it. It should be interesting.
It is FINALLY + 4 C. First time we have been plus instead of minus for about 5 weeks.
We went shopping and it was quite pleasant, although still lots and lots of snow, especially
on the side streets. It sounds as if the bad weather we have had and the storms are heading south east.--------------We have our 5 year old for a sleepover tomorrow night
so that is going to be fun. I likely won't get much done - will likely work on the crochet bag as I like to be in the living room with Pat (dh) and Hayley (don't want to miss much!)

Well, now that I have drawn up my challenge, I think I will work on it for awhile. Talk to
you later! Shirley


Franny said...

Hi Shirley,
You are still showing up in my blog list that I am following. My blogspot is Little bits of interest. You might need to go into the dashboard and do some editing there.

Shirley said...

It never was down - I think that one morning they were having problems with some of the pictures. I did post an apology the next day.

Glad to hear from you. Shirley

JenMeister said...

What an interesting idea :)