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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hayley - this and that

We had a lovely time last night - the family got together at a restaurant for Hayley's fifth birthday. The staff sang happy birthday and gave her a piece of cake with a candle on it. She opened her presents and was a happy little girl. The time has flown by so quickly it is hard to believe 5 years have gone by
since she was born.

We have her coming over for a sleepover again on
Saturday night - we have lots of 'big plans' as she told her mother.

We are working on making necklaces and bracelets with
a kit we gave her for Christmas. She does very well.
She loves doing 'Art' with me and playing in the snow with Papa.
She loves coming here as there is always lots of fun.

I have been working on setting up a new Mystery quilt on the learningfa group - Noell, my good friend does the greatest mysteries. She has done one each year for our Big Sky retreat and they are wonderful. We have the data base open for new signups so if you
are interested, join the group by clicking on the side bar icon. The requirements for
fabric and cutting will be posted in the near future. The mystery will be finished in March.
---- We are also going to have a class on "How to make a fabric book" with Janet pretty soon and it should be a fun class too. We also will be having a repeat of the 'Prairie Points' class by Judith from Cdnquiltswappers, in the near future as well as lots of other great
classes which will be held in the next couple of months. Each 3 months, I will hold a draw
among the students who finish their projects and post photos, for one of my wall hangings.
Each of our classes are free.

I do enjoy our Learningfa group and it seems to be enjoyable for the members too - -------
--------------------------------------I am ready to put the backing, sleeve and border on my
'Fallen Leaves'. I haven't pushed myself to finish - in fact I have not worked on it very much this past week, but should get it finished this weekend.
I am so sick of the winter weather - we are in a condo and the snow in the driveway is unbelievable. Finally they are bringing in some bob cats to clear it off the driving areas. I don't know where they plan on putting the snow though (hopefully they will truck it out). So slippery to walk and the side streets are very treacherous. It sounds as if bad weather
is happening all over so I hope everyone will keep safe, drive carefully, and stay warm.


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