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Saturday, January 31, 2009


I finished quilting my flower garden wall hanging. Just need to bind it and make a case for it. I was happy to find this particular fabric to put on as a border as it works very well.

This will be put away and possibly used as one of the draw prizes for learningfa. ---------------- I spent the morning sorting out email addresses for the postcard swap, as well as the
'make a little book' class. It goes on the 6th .
We have some great classes coming up this year - and I know the word is spreading as we have 415 members!
I will be teaching a beginning landscape in the near future and an advanced landscape later on - lots of interest in both of these. Some of our girls have really taken to
landscapes and that pleases me a lot.

We will also be doing a THREAD PAINTED landscape , in our ongoing thread painting work shop - the students have already done a rose bud, hummingbird,chickadee and robin.
Last night I sent them out the tutorial on trees and buildings so once they have practiced a bit we will do the the landscape. We are all having so much fun.
I also plan to repeat the 'bouquet of flowers' which was a class I taught last year. As you can see we have lots planned -- Oh, and we just started a mystery quilt, and we will be doing "beginning quilting' very soon. Not enough time to do all the things we wish.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of our members set up new blogs in the blogger 101 class which was held a few days ago. Chris opened a chat room and taught the class there. We will use the same method for some of our future classes, although will carry on send the classes in emails, as they are so easy to follow, and copy.

Well, I want to put the binding on the Flower garden so had better get at it. Shirley