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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Painted quilts and wall hangings

I used to make painted quilts, usually with a southwest theme, for my family and friends.

I loved doing them, and I taught myself to quilt by making regular, queen and king sized quilts. I used the technique 'quilt as you go'
The green king sized quilt was my last venture into painting a large quilt. I just felt they were a bit fragile, although all of those I did are still used as quilts.

The red bordered quilt was donated to the Strathmore Crisis shelter and raffled, it did very well and help build a playground for the shelter which opened in 2000. I think it is my favorite. The queen sized quilt was given to my son, who still has it on his bed.

The 'little people wall hanging' was the very first painting on fabric. I taught a class in
a park we stayed at in Arizona and the girls good my example piece and made it into a wall hanging for me. ---- I was in a maple leaf swap at the Western Retreat a few years ago, and incorporated the blocks as a border for one of my painted and appliqued quilts. The wall hanging with the rust border was a round robin I was in a few years ago - it is still on my wall. I hope you have enjoyed checking out my painted quilts.

I will see if I can find some pictures of small painted wall hangings. As you will note ,most of my early work represented the southwest - I loved doing the southwest scenes.


Susan Loftin said...

Your painted quilts are absolutely gorgeous, Shirley! I love the southwest theme.

Shirley said...

Thanks very much - the 'little people' are not copied from any one else, although Ted De Grazia's work certainly was an influence. I fell in love with Arizona while we were down there for 8 winters- especially their art works.

dillysnana said...

Shirley I love your blog and all of your work. Especially the southwest painting. Is it all painted on and then emblished? Will you be doing a paint class? Signed up for some of your learning class but would like to learn to paint as I can't draw at all. Thank you for sharing your work.