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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Magic Factory

is a very interesting place - I just checked out the work one of Learningfa's members Stephen du Toit, from the UK,
who is a partner in this interesting company. He is the costume designer and his work is very good. Obviously he is very aware of how to use fabric. I was most interested in his jackets. Once you are in the magic factory, click on designs. He will also be opening a new blog in the very new future and I will put his blog in the links.

I think it wonderful that there are so many talented people on our list and that they use
fabric in so many ways. I understand he also does sets for many of the plays they are involved in. His partner is a director and very good artist. Check them out. Shirley


Debbie said...

is there a link to the magic factory - so we can check it out??

Shirley said...

yes, check out the links on the side bar under Magic Factory.