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Monday, January 12, 2009

I want you to see

the Wedding gown quilt that Susan quilted - it is absolutely glorious. The mother of the Bride took the dress and sewed it so that it laid flat, and Susan Quilted it. She does the most wonderful
quilting. Click on her name and check it out. She answered some of my questions about it in answer to one of my comments.
I would also recommend that you visit the group Quilting on a budget (click on my link) yahoo group and check out the great list of BOM's that Joan (the list owner) has gathered
together. They are wonderful! I recommend this group as there is lots of information discussed and when you do join, click on the different BOM's especially the quilt that shows the rows quilt.
One of my quilts has been chosen as a feature quilt in Quilters' Show and Tell - It is going to be uploaded at on Tuesday in Australia. As we are nearly a day later, it should be
there late tonight or tomorrow morning. There are a couple of unbelievable art quilts, as well as some wonderful traditional quilts that have already been featured- well worth a visit.
It is nice to see my follower list is getting larger - if you want to see all the posts, you might decide to join the follower's group so that you can follow this blog easily.
I am working away on the challenge for the 2010 Calendar for the Quilting Arts Magazine.
It is a new experience to keep the quilt 12" square. I am having fun though. I understand that there were over 200 applicants last year, so I don't have high expectations. I am enjoying the process anyway.
Thought for the day

"Let each man pass his days in that wherein his skill is greatest" Henry Miller

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Debbie said...

that is a beautiful quilt - thanks for sharing... congrats on having your work published.... let us know when and where...