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Saturday, January 10, 2009

FOILING ON FABRIC -this and that.

I just read an interesting post about foiling on fabric which explains how to use foil
for your landscapes, or wall hangings. I have used foil in the past and I think I still have
some on hand somewhere. Will have to dig it out and try it again. It is very effective. I used
foil for a lot of my postcards a few years ago.

We have broken the weather barrier!!! It is above zero C for the first time in approximately 6 weeks. Feels like summer out there! If I remember correctly that would mean + 32 F.
The British Columbia and Washington coast are getting huge amounts of rain. They have
had some major weather problems this past few years. It sounds as if the snow is melting and flooding is causing many problems in the Vancouver area. We have also had some
really bad avalanches in the Mountains. 8 ski mobilers were killed by an avalanche
last week near Fernie B.C. There doesn't seem to be much good news coming from any
My grand daughter is coming for a sleepover tonight so we should have lots of fun.
I figured I had better post early, as I never know whether I will get on the computer while she is here. -----
I decided to join in a challenge (first time) so am doing a lot of thread painting. The photos of the little quilts have to be at their destination by March so I want to get both of them done asap. I rarely work on a small surface and these need to be 12"x 12" - I couldn't sleep last night trying to decide exactly how I would do them. Once they have chosen the winners, I will post what I have done- whether I am accepted or not. I understand that over 200 people sent pictures in for last year's challenge so my chances aren't great. It is fun anyway! My friend Debbie has been after me to join different challenges for years. I have never done it but this time I decided to go for it. I always thought I might join in the Challenges (12 small quilts) for Quilt art, but never seemed to get around to it. I have also thought of doing a set of
12"x12" Rocky Mountain scenes that would be hung together - and maybe this will give
me the incentive to try it.
We are starting to get organized for the spring Learningfa classes. I have a couple of
interesting classes to offer already - I am looking for some 'different' traditional wall hangings, quilts or even just blocks, as well as an art quilt or two. Chris in NJ is going to show us how to do a wall hanging of a house -- she did a beautiful picture of her Grandmothers' house and I was so impressed. I will see if I can find a picture to show you. Isn't it amazing the talent we have , and isn't it great that we can share ideas and techniques with each other?
Thought for the Day

"We have only this moment,sparkling like a star in our hand......and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late" Marie Beynon


Joyce in BC said...

Shirley - is your 12 x 12 quilt like a journal quilt? - I wonder if you could tell us more about journal quilting! We won't live long enough to do all the quilts we want, so maybe this would be a way! Joyce in BC

Shirley said...

Yes it is like a Journal quilt only it is for a calendar. It is something really new for me to work this small. I am not an expert on
Journal quilting. I know with this one I am doing the whole l2" square on timtex as there will be a lot of
thread painting and it doesn't
pucker doing it this way. Lots of fun. Shirley