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Monday, September 22, 2008

2007 Students' work

The learningfa group has been in operation since May 2007 - and the members have done some wonderful work. For the next while I will be hi lighting some of the work done in the 2007 classes - I just wish I could show each piece but have taken a few from each class. Most of these students have never done the classes prior to the class.

I have been teaching an ongoing thread painting class and the first example was a rose bud. Here are two finished roses by Marie and Betty - this gives you some idea of the quality of work the students achieved.
I taught a very simple, 3 fabric wall hanging course- here are some of the results.
The first is Daphnes - I like the way she worked the fabric from the center block out so that all the dogs look 3d. I like the fabric she chose. The second is Julie's piece - very well done.
Ann from France thread painted some chickadees from the thread painting class and used them as the center of her 3 fabric wall hanging. So original -- We have people from all over the world in the group and have made some wonderful international friends. The last one is Julie C's
beautiful Christmas scene - I love the way she used the fabrics to make a special Christmas wall hanging. This technique is very easy to do and you don't have to be an artist to do them.


We also did a mystery quilt - here is Rose Mary's finished quilt - There were so many varieties and all were wonderful. Here are some of the postcards we made - Sue made these lovely cards. It was a very successful class too. I hope you enjoy looking at these wonderful class projects.


Debbie said...

Wow... great pics... love flowers... and the doggies.... and well, they are all great!

em's scrapbag said...

Wonderful projects. Very talented ladies and one awesome teacher.

Shirley said...

Thanks Debbie and Em -- the members of this group contribute so much. Some are teaching classes for the first time - it gives them a place to try teaching in a friendly, supportive environment-

The students' work files are absolutely awesome. Most have never
done the class subject before - that is why I want to showcase their work on this blog. As for me - I love to teach and have some knowledge that I like to share - everyone wins. Shirley