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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More of my work

Over the years I have done a lot of different things - and here are the results of some of my efforts.

In l971 we emigrated to New Zealand for 3 years - We took our three kids with us and had a wonderful time there. We lived north of Auckland on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula (Hibiscus coast) - Prior to going I had started doing some copper tooling and took some copper with me to NZ - I discovered the wonderful Maori designs, tattoos, etc. and started doing some of the faces of the former Chiefs - they had moko on their faces and were most interesting - Here are 2 pictures of My maori copper carvings. We ended up in business selling my original copper works and I was fortunate to be featured in the New Zealand Womens' weekly in l972. I did all sorts of different original scenes and that was the first time I really knew that I could do something that was appreciated by others. My husband was one of the first 'outsiders' to be accepted into the Volunteer fire Brigade - (90%) of the country had volunteer departments. They travelled all over NZ in competitions and what a great time we had. I admired their beautiful brass hats and so did some in copper. Here is one of them. We went back a few years ago and most of our friends still had their copper pictures on the wall with the writeup behind the pictures - which really tickled me.


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