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Monday, September 1, 2008

Bowness Park - in Calgary

I just got back from having an MRI -many years ago I found out I had an aneurism in the brain- it has been a while since I had it checked out so my Dr. decided I should - nowadays there is so much more they can do with an aneurism (clip it) that it is silly not to have it checked out. When they discovered it many years ago the prognosis was not good as you had to have brain surgery to close it off. They are wonderful tools for finding difficulties.

It is a bit nicer out here in Calgary. It has been a very cool couple of days and it sure does feel as if autumn is upon us. We are hoping to take a drive into BC i the next couple of week - we love to go through the Crowsnest Past and up the Kootenay Lakes s -There are some interesting shops around that route -- We are thinking about going over as far as Vernon and then home. We love Autumn drives as the scenery is so beautiful.

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